Life is done better in circles than rows

Life Groups are a vital part of ABC.  Our Life Groups are based on six principals:  Biblical Accountability, Intentional Prayer, a Fun Environment, Intentional Discipleship, Speaking Truth to One Another, and Praying Truth Over Each Other.

Find all of our wonderful Fall 2018 Life Group options listed below:

  • MOuchette Life Group

    Location: 12586 Jefferson Drive Duncanville, AL

    Time: Sunday - 5pm


    Contact: Colby Mouchette

    (205)454-1230 |

  • DAn Turner Life group

    Location: 5425 Tahoe Drive Tuscaloosa, AL 35406

    Time: Friday - 5pm

    Contact: Dan Turner

    (205)454-3866 |

  • Hocutt Life group

    Location: 11534 Bushwick Drive Northport, AL

    Time: Sunday - 5 pm

    Contact: Joey Hocutt

    (205)454-1104 |

  • Shewmake Life Group

    Location: 4505 Cloverdale Estates Northport, AL

    Time: Sunday - 5pm

    Contact: Brett Shewmake


    (205)242-9643 |

  • Tingle Life group

    Location: 1611 Ridgecrest Drive Tuscaloosa, AL 35406

    Time: Sunday - 5pm

    Contact: Bart Tingle

    (205)534-0854 |

  • McKnight Life group

    Location: 9853 Belmont Lane Tuscaloosa, AL 35405

    Time: Sunday - 5pm

    Contact: Eddy McKnight

    (205)657-3339 |

  • silliman life group

    Location: 1309 51st Ave E Tuscaloosa, AL

    Time: Tuesday - 5:15pm

    Contact: Jeanne Silliman


    (205)657-6854 |

  • blankenship life group

    Location: 11985 Grandview Drive Northport, AL

    Time: Sunday - 5pm

    Contact: Ethan Blankenship


    (205)242-3961 |

Find a Life Group

Life Groups study the Word of God together.  

Life groups place a high importance on Biblical accountability. We discuss what the Lord is teaching us through his Word, what areas he is calling to grow and change in, and how we can help each other do those things. We spend time praying for each other and speaking truth to each other.

Life Groups fellowship in the home together.  

We believe that better friends make a better church. We want Life Groups to be a fun environment where we can grow close as church family and build deeper relationships with each others.

Life Groups serve in the community together. 

Life Groups join together to meet needs of the community around us. God has called His people to be His hands and feet to a lost world. Life Groups serving together can be a special time for your group as you identify, feel, and touch a need around you.